About Us

Overview of Naebi Dynamic Concepts Limited.

We are a company with deep Aviation domain expertise and a vast global network. We have the mandate to collect Civilian Helicopter levies in Airports, Aerodromes, FSO's, FPSO's, Air Strips, Oil Rigs, Heliports, Oil Vessels. In line with our mandate, the following fall within our service scope;

Improvement of Aerospace Service

Improvement of Navigational Services

Collection of Landing Levies

Data Collection & Monitoring of Civilian Helicopters

Who We Are

We are a Multidensional Aviation servicing company focused on providing efficient and credible aero-solutions to indigenous and expatriate organizations across diverse industries.

Our vision

To be a first-rate global leader for innovative aviation services that drive organizational and national progress.

Our Mission

To sustainably deliver professional and standardised aviation services and innovative schemes that promote/boost successful Aero-operations Nationally.

Our Core Values






A Brief History

Naebi Dynamic was birthed with the aim of sustainably delivering professional aviation services and innovative schemes that promote successful aero-operations nationally and recovering untapped revenue in Civilian Helicopter services in Nigeria.

We have been given authority to act on behalf of the Nigerian Airspace Management Authority (NAMA) and the Federal Ministry of Aviation to enforce and collect Civilian Helicopter landing and take-off Levies, monitor and control Civilian Helicopter operations, collect data and offer navigation services.